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How did our Instagram Filter reach +2 million impressions in one week?

Discover three key actions we applied in our collaboration with Claro and Havas Media Group. This article is written based on real data from Claro in February 2020. We thank our client for letting us share this with you!

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@arctivista’s creative proposal for “Claro Viña 2020” filter featured 3 of their main artists in a bandanna so fans could pick their favorite and participate to go see them perform.

Marketing Focused Creativity

Your filter should not only respond to your brand’s audience taste. Instagram AR Filters are marketing tools for brands, so make sure they are always aligned with the campaign’s topic, objectives and goals.

We also remind you that you don’t need to publish fancy AR games or complex 3D animations every time to deliver a message. It will depend on the story you will tell.

Choosing the perfect Promoters

Claro’s approach for this campaign was to advertise their filters with different content creators from Chile that were close to their desired young audience.

Organic reach is not always enough for your filter. That’s why we recommend you to pick the right Instagram accounts to promote your new Augmented Reality experience.

Identify social influencers and content accounts related to your brand and campaign goals to make sure you are targeting the correct audience.

Attractive Rewards

Incentives related to your campaign’s subject and goals will help you reach your KPIs and increase your organic reach

Influencers will surely help you to get impressions, but making a contest out of your filter will also invite people to share an Instagram Story so they can win something interesting by participating.

Make sure to establish the right terms and conditions and to explain correctly how to participate in each of your communication efforts.

@arctivista augmented reality campaigns are crafted with love and knowledge.
We create unique AR filters for brands
We guide the entire process from creation to publishing
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We already live in an augmented reality world

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We open sourced our Instagram Filter with +22 million impressions

We believe in the infinite power of social augmented reality. That’s why @ve9an from @arctivista made this Instagram Filter to support animal rights and now we are sharing it with MIT License:

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This Instagram Filter was inspired by the Cube of Truth used in street activism by Anonymous for the Voiceless.

Featured by Instagram

We added The Cube of Truth Filter to the Instagram account of @vuelvete1vegan -a vegan activist and AV supporter from Chile with +10K followers- and now it has more than 22 million impressions worldwide with $0 spent on ads.

Ready to Upload or Edit Spark AR Project

Feel free to upload it to your Instagram account and to modify it with Spark AR in creative ways. If you want to give us a smile, please tag @arctivista in your first story to let us know that you installed the filter.

Is it your first Filter? Please check Submitting Effects to Spark AR Hub by Facebook.

A tribute to Anonymous for the Voiceless

Anonymous for the Voiceless is an animal rights organization that
specializes in educating the public on animal exploitation and
fostering highly effective activism groups worldwide

Give a voice to the voiceless

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